March 13, 2024

Happy World Mental Health Day!

As a company focused on brain health our employees mental health is particularly important to us. We are further convinced that this should be applied to every sector and are happy to share the open letter of World Federation for Mental Health about the this years theme: "Make Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority"

🌍 Korn Ferry published 4 easy ways to check on your colleagues:

#Ask Specific Questions: Instead of just asking a colleague how they are, ask about what you observe or what they’ve shared with you. eg: “Sasha, how’s it going with the kids being home?”

#Share Your Own Stuff First: If you observe a colleague struggling, one way to make a connection is to share what’s challenging you. Preface it by saying you’re not trying to dump your worries on them but just sharing what you’re dealing with to let them know they’re not alone.

#Don’t Wait for Them to Ask for Help: If you suspect that a colleague is barely treading water, volunteer to take something off their plate. If you’re also at capacity, suggest that several members of your team split the workload.

#Be a Good Human: Ask yourself how you’d check in on a friend, and apply that to your coworkers. Even if you can’t help solve the problem that’s weighing them down, small gestures like the occasional ‘Hang in there’ text, a funny GIF 👾, or a handwritten note in the mail can go a long way.