March 13, 2024

PIPRA was official Sponsor of Fokustag Delir, 14th November 2023, Klinik Barmelweid

🎉 We are thrilled and honored to announce that PIPRA AG is proud to be a sponsor of the groundbreaking Fokustag Delir event! This significant occasion marks the first-ever Delir-focused gathering hosted by Dräger at Klinik Barmelweid .

🔬 Delir remains a critical challenge in healthcare, with up to 80% of ventilated intensive care patients and 52.2% of surgical patients experiencing this condition. Through preventive measures, we have the potential to significantly reduce Delir rates and implement therapeutic approaches that aid in patient recovery.

🌟 Under the guidance of Mathias Schlögl, MD, MPH, EMBA HSG, this event will take you on a scientific exploration of Delir, featuring insights from distinguished experts and patient engagement.

🤝 Join us for this enriching event as we collectively deepen our understanding and refine our practices in the realm of Delir.

👉 Register now to secure your spot for this enlightening Fokustag Delir! Let's come together to create a positive impact in healthcare.

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