March 13, 2024

PIPRA was part of Swisstech pavillon at SLUSH, Nov 2023, Helsinki

🚀 Embarking on a week of innovation and collaboration at Slush Fair from Nov 30–Dec 1 in Helsinki and an awesome swisstech program! 🥂 The journey began on Monday. Our CEO & co-founder John Klepper arrived in Stockholm and kicked off the week with the swisstech Kick-off and Apéro, including an engaging dinner with Nasdaq and OMX representatives.The week unfolded with a dynamic agenda, seamlessly weaving networking and opportunities into every moment. Tuesday kicked off with visits to Norrsken and Sting, followed by productive sessions with Stockholm Chamber, Invest Stockholm, and Business Sweden. 🛳 The day culminated in the check-in and boarding for the Swisstech cruise to Helsinki. On Wednesday, John arrived in Helsinki with a fantastic swisstech Kick-off and Apéro hosted at the Swiss Embassy. 📢 Thursday was a blast at Slush Day 1! As John navigated through the bustling crowds, guided by the words at the entrance sign - "Find it. Found it. Fund it.". The Swiss Hour at the Swiss Pavilion was a big hit – startups pitched ideas while enjoying yummy coffee, chocolate, and ice cream. 🧀 The fun continued with the A-CH SO! Raclette evening, hanging out with Austrian pals.😄  Now, here's the funny part. At the same time as the Dinner, John had a pitch for the The Startup Club Health Tech Investment conference , and even though he had a room at the venue booked, no one had the key! So, guess what? John turned a small corner into his pitching stage and pitched to investors there. It was a bit unusual, but hey, great pitches can happen anywhere! Watch his pitch here: 🥐 Friday, Slush Day 2 began with the Swiss Ambassador’s Breakfast at Helsinki Bourse Club, where startups pitched to partners and investors. After a successful day packed with meetings, it concluded with the Alpine Afterwork at the Swiss Pavilion, offering beer, snacks, and additional startup pitches.As Slush came to an end, John departed on Saturday with unforgettable memories and perhaps a slight hangover – all part of the incredible journey! 🙏 A massive shoutout and big thanks to swisstech, Switzerland Global Enterprise, and Innosuisse, who made this event possible and a truly remarkable experience. John is still following up on all the fruitful connections made and looking forward to fruitful collaborations! #SlushFair #InnovationJourney #Networking #TechCollaboration #StartupLife 🚀