March 13, 2024

PIPRA wins the IMD Executive MBA Startup Competition!

🏅 As one of the proud winners of the IMD Executive MBA Startup Competition, the most prestigious business school in Europe, we were given the opportunity to join their cohort of EMBA students in Silicon Valley recently.

🧠 PIPRA AG has received incredible support along our journey from mentors, experts and advisors. This was an opportunity for us to share some of our entrepreneurial experiences and learnings.
🤝 The collaboration with the IMD cohort program also helped us get new business focused insights from 12 very motivated, diverse and multidisciplinary EMBA’s. Thank you Daniel Breum, Julia Voronina, Gaetano Bonifacio, Jennifer Holmes, Tsuyoshi Harada, Magda Greiche, Rasmus Kirkeby Salling, Martina Mantovan,PhD, Alexandre Buono Schulz, Dr. Oleg V. Semenov, PhD and Behnam Shayegan.

🚀 Highlight of the program was the Silicon Valley expedition. Thank you John Klepper for representing PIPRA in the US and thank you or the selective and knowledge program. Thank you Jim Pulcrano and Renaud Lomenech for making this journey such an experience!

📖 The week was educational, inspiring, collaborative and really fun!! With visits to incredible companies such as Adobe, IDEO, and the Stanford University School of Medicine.

💸 PIPRA also used the opportunity to reconnect with and participate at the Plug and Play Tech Center Summit in San Francisco and the Plug and Play Friday Pitch Session, connecting to potential partners and Investors.