March 13, 2024

PIPRA's Journey in America: Overcoming Storms and Finding New Partnerships

What an eventful week it has been for PIPRA, the innovative startup on a mission to revolutionize healthcare!

Despite facing unexpected challenges, PIPRA's co-founder & CEO, John Klepper, embarked on another trip to the United States in early 2023 that proved to be a turning point for the company. From battling jet lag to enduring a rare California storm, John's journey was filled with surprises.

The trip kicked off with an exclusive evening mixer organized by Plug and Play Tech Center, where PIPRA had the opportunity to connect with representatives from eight prominent insurance companies, such as: Aon, Travelers, Munich Re. This engagement was a result of PIPRA's selection as a potentially game-changing startup by the prestigious PnP portfolio. Building on this momentum, John delved into the PnP Life, Health and Benefits Selection Day, meeting investors and insurers who showed interest in PIPRA's unique offering.

However, John soon realized that finding the right fit within the insurance industry would be a challenge. Traditional insurtech approaches didn't align with PIPRA's vision, as they were not a typical B2C business nor solely focused on insurance. Nonetheless, valuable connections were made, including a fruitful meeting with James (Hutch) Moragne from Statefarm Insurance, a major U.S. insurer, who could open doors to future investment opportunities.

Undeterred by feeling under the weather, John continued his journey, making a significant connection with a Japanese company called Nitto Innovation Inc. This meeting revealed a potential partnership for developing and manufacturing PIPRA's hardware component, along with the possibility of direct investments. Excitement grew as NDA discussions progressed and internal deliberations were initiated.

The trip reached its climax with an impactful meeting at Stanford Hospitals & Clinics, where John had been persistently attempting to introduce PIPRA's solution. This time, the tides turned in John's favor, as Jose Maldonado, a renowned figure in the medical community, enthusiastically endorsed PIPRA and pledged to introduce its preventive measures hospital-wide. This could lead to significant cost savings for the hospital and improved patient outcomes.

As John's eventful journey came to an end, he expressed gratitude to his team for holding the fort during his absence.

QUOTE: “Excited to see you all for coffee tomorrow, virtual and in-person, and find out how your week has been. A big thank you to Jessica U for helping organize this trip so effectively, and to all of you for holding up the fort in my absence 🙏 It’s such a comfort to know that I can be completely removed from daily operations and know that there’s nothing to worry about. Quite the opposite, that we are in all likelihood in a better place than we were a week ago, which fills me with pride!”

With the potential partnerships and collaborations forged during this trip, PIPRA is poised for a bright future in the American market.

PIPRA's Success in America Continues: Next Stop, AMERICAN DELIRIUM SOCIETY Annual Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island

PIPRA's founders, Nayeli Schmutz, John Klepper and Benjamin Dodsworth are excited to participate in the AMERICAN DELIRIUM SOCIETY Annual Meeting, a prestigious event dedicated to the advancement of delirium research and prevention.

As PIPRA prepares to make its mark at the ADS Annual Meeting, excitement and anticipation are palpable within the team. The event will not only provide an avenue for showcasing their groundbreaking software but also open doors to new partnerships and collaborations.

PIPRA's success in America thus far serves as a testament to the dedication and vision of the team. With their commitment to improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs, PIPRA is poised to make a significant impact on the field of delirium prevention.