April 4, 2024

🌟 Please Vote for PIPRA! 🌟SPX European Awards 2024 - Category 3 "Delirium Action Month"

🏆 We're thrilled to announce that our project, "Delirium Action Month," has been shortlisted for the prestigious SPX European Awards 2024! 🎉

But we need YOUR help to clinch the top spot! 🥇
Please vote for our project in Category 3 "Delirium Action Month I PIPRA AG": https://spexperience.org/en/spx-awards-en/spx-european-awards-2024/public-vote/

At PIPRA AG, we're passionate about revolutionizing patient experiences, and this recognition is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare.

Together, let's continue to push boundaries and make a positive impact in healthcare! 💪 #SPXEuropeanAwards #PatientExperience #HealthcareInnovation #VoteForPipra